Legitimixtape Vol. 2

by Legitimate

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released January 19, 2010




Legitimate Royal Oak

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Track Name: Hustla's Ambition 2010 (f. Run Rhymes)
[Verse 1:]
America got a thing for this fame and glitz
but I'm free, I stay away from the chains and whips
I gotta different mission, true to my vision
no matter what, I stay droppin lines like I'm fishin
keep more "wraps" on me than a pot head
cos I ain't bout to see hip-hop drop dead
all day and past night tryna get these raps right
and you know I ain't stoppin like cars on black ice
If this game was a key then I'd wanna “C Major”
deals pay the bills for this teenager
and until he major, he be a free agent
peace haters, I grind now and sleep later
shakin like Parkinson's, spark incense
meditate and I make every bar intense
heart in it, you can't play my dedication
spill guts on a beat with no hesitation

I'm livin in a grind
a tryin state of mind
I gotta get mine
I struggle
lookin for a way
to make through the day
let the beat play
I hustle

[Verse 2:]
It's hard livin in this world so dangerous
kids tryna find God in they angeldust
inner pain and drugs got them tangled up
hate they alcoholic father but they came from him
see I'm the same as them, I relate to them
and confronted with the problems I'm just playin dumb
thinkin if I play it down, maybe I be happy
home's prison, and I wanna break out like acne
payin college is a bitch, so I'm polishin this script
this dedicated to alcoholics sippin 5ths
and the jobless gettin shit cos the dolla slippin quick
I use the power of a pen, but the knowledge is a gift
So I'ma grind hard, rain, sleet, hail, snow,
20 years will I be well? Hell knows
I see hell, but hell no, I don't need help
I run this race till my knees buckle like a seat belt