Classick (Air 1's)

by Legitimate

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Inspired by Notorious B.I.G.'s "Long Kiss Goodnight" and Immortal Technique's "Creation and Destruction"

Not your average cat battle rap.


[Verse 1]
Legit, all me to introduce
livin proof that the ill still spit in booths
listen to Buff1 or Invicible
or One Be Lo to know what the mitten do
givin you midwest like Kanye and Em
a Little Brother to this rap like Phonte and them
I wanna rock like Rob Bass and them
I'm audacious and I'm all great with pens
now let's pretend, that I ain't even nice a bit
still my beats ignitin shit like zippo lighter tricks
I'm track slammin, breakin ground like a jackhammer
take names and kick ass until they ass-backwards
the plumber pissed sayin “Damn he the shit”
I really mean the shit not like the previous
I rap with ease and bless mics like a priest that spits
I got the drive like drunks on medians believe it kid

I'm classic like the air-ones [4x]

[Verse 2]
this ain't ya average cat battle rap
I'm cookin musical dope, where the addicts at?
If I'm goin to hell, at least I'll have some listeners
that ain't too sensitive to say it's senselessness
this a character sketch of an arrogant mess
if I seen the virgin Mary I prolly stare at her chest
I could care a bit less, I squashed Jimminy Cricket
cos the fucka kept buggin me, no centapede, get it?
I tend to be d-d-dangerous explicit
so you think I'm at the do' with a 4-4 when I kick it
but oh-no it is different, play the new Legitimate
jackin for beats that originally RZA did
got it wrapped like a Christmas gift, quiz this kid
on rap it's back positive like a Litmus strip
dipped in ammonia, in the studio Sony'd up
blowin up like H20 and sodium, you know it's him

[Verse 3]
Feelin most at peace whenever I leave home
rap till my teeth gone, make hits like cheech chong
the burbs live off of Dre and weed songs
but put a little Big or Immortal Technique on
and I be vibin, be grindin where I'm residin
turn the beat higher I go off like police sirens
till I'm retirin firin up the old furnace
while homies light up like Detroit's old churches
no purchase, doin raps pro bono
go promo, don't sleep mo' no dose
vamonos, a Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde
but There Iz a Darkside when I start write
-ing I might bring my best game
but no stress this an effortless exchange
press play, it's a junkie relapse
cos these songs about as clean as celebrity rehab


released April 10, 2010
Uses a sample of "The Letter" by Al Green.



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